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All Leagues are open to the public, with members receiving preference should capacity be reached. Simply show up to sign up for adult leaguesand Sr. Youth


Indoor Winter Leagues
(begin first week in January)

Monday | Youth 12 and younger | 5:30 PM 

Tuesday | Traditional | 7:00 PM

Wednesday | Youth 13 and older | 6:00 PM

Thursday | Adult | 7:00 PM

Friday | Open to membership/ NO league

Saturday | Open to membership/ NO league

Sunday | Adult |  6:00 PM

Coaching and Equipment available on Monday and Wednesday

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How to sign up!

All leagues are show up to sign up, except Monday night youth. 

Monday Link will go out to members, then last year's shooters, and go public in early December.


We currently do not offer any private instruction. We will gladly point you in the right direction if that is something you are looking for
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